Why Get Certified?

Reach your personal and professional goals!  Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs.  In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are fundamental.  Sure you may have the skills to do the job, but how do you convince potential clients or employers?  Certification!    

Certified medical billers are vital to the success of health care practices.  Their vigilant work preparing, submitting, and following up on claims keeps physician’s practices, hospitals, third-party billing centers, and federal and state government clinics operating smoothly.  Certified medical billers review patient records, calculate charges, submit claims, and answer patient and insurance payer questions regarding claims.  A certified medical biller is knowledgeable in payer rules and regulations, privacy and confidentiality concerns, Medicare, Medicaid, and various fraud and privacy laws.  Certified medical billers must pass the rigorous Certified Medical Billing Specialist® or Certified Medical Records Technician™ exam.  

Due to the administrative changes in health care, patient records are being scrutinized by payers more than ever.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for billing and health information technicians are expected to increase by 22% through the year 2022.  

Certified Medical Billing Specialist® (CMBS™)

The Medical Association of Billers CMBS program is aimed at individuals employed in a provider's office, health insurance company, or independent billing center.  A candidate for certification is an individual who is motivated to improve their medical billing and coding knowledge and to develop new skills to assist providers in maximizing their reimbursement through proper coding and documentation.  A Certified Medical Billing Specialist®, although not a certified coder, is capable of reviewing claims related to coding or medical necessity problems and assisting the provider in coding the initial claim.

Certified Medical Records Technician™ (CMRT™)

Some of MAB's members have requested a certification that encompasses solely medical billing.  For this reason, MAB has created the Certified Medical Records Technician™ (CMRT) certification. 

Continuing Education

To maintain the CMBS certification, members must complete 12 continuing education units (CEUs) per year after the date of certification  This may be accomplished by successfully completing one MAB online class, one PowerWeekend™, or by taking approved vendor classes.  Students must be a current member of MAB to remain certified.  

MAB grants prior approval for CEUs required to maintain the CMBS certification.  Members may request credit for other CEUs by sending the class curriculum and grade to MAB, although MAB offers no guarantee for classes that are not pre-approved.  

Requirements for Prior Approval

  • Prior approval is recommended for all learning institutions.  The Pre-Approval form (below) must be submitted with the application fee, agenda, dates, and presenter information at least 30 days prior to the class.
  • A single application is valid for a 12-month period beginning with the date of the approval.
  • Multiple programs at a learning institution must submit multiple forms.
  • One CEU is awarded for each hour of instruction.
  • MAB will only approve billing and coding program content.
  • MAB will not approve reading and responding to publications.
  • Institutions may use the following statement for pre-approved curriculum:  "This program is granted prior approval of ___ CEUs by the Medical Association of Billers.  Granting of prior approval does not constitute MAB's endorsement of the program content or sponsor."

Many schools throughout the country offer CMBS™ CEUs.  If MAB has pre-approved the school's CEUs, MAB will award 1 CEU per hour of classroom study.  If MAB has not pre-approved the schools CEUs, MAB may award 50% (for example, a 4-hour class would be awarded 2 CEUs).  Please check the Pre-Approved CEU Vendor List (below) for a list of schools and vendors who have pre-approved CEUs. A certificate of attendance or certificate of completion is necessary to show participation in classes. 

The CMBS™ certfication requires 12 CEUs per year.  The CMBS-I™ certification requires 20 CEUs plus 100 hours of documented training each year.  

Click on a file to download.

Request for CEU Prior Approval (pdf)


Pre-Approved CEU Vendors (12-20-17) (pdf)


Can I Test Out?

You can test out on the Certified Medical Billing Specialist® Examination by taking the exam at a proctor site.  There are two types of proctor sites:   

  • A facility or college who has signed an agreement with MAB to protect the confidentiality of the CMBS™ exam.  
  • MAB will consider any nonprofit location who agrees to monitor the exam.  Many libraries, schools, churches, and synagogues are willing to proctor exams.  The site must provide MAB a written request on their letterhead stating that they will proctor the exam on a particular date. The letter must include the proctor's name and email address.  MAB must receive the letter and exam fee at least two weeks prior to the exam date.

Proctors will verify that the person taking the exam is the person who is registered and will monitor that the only resources used during the exam are the appropriate ICD-10-CM and CPT® coding manuals.  Upon completion of the exam, the proctor site returns the examination to MAB.   

Please visit our Proctor Sites page for a list of current proctor locations.

What Do the Exams Cover?